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Defining and refining your aims to match them with those of your users

This is the research phase. We listen and ask you lots of questions to learn more about business as well as your audience.


We design, you review, we revise until we’re both happy with the look of your site.

Before your design is finalised we may go through a couple of revisions. Typically this is reduced to one revision because of our good planning.


We’ll see if it all works and you’re happy with it before we built it.

Before we invest time and money in coding your project, we’ll build a visual model to see it you’re happy with everything.

Build & Development

We design for people but we must also take into accounts the website run on machines.

We’ll code your website using the latest and most stable technologies to make sure your website will be loved by your customers and computers.


Does your website work as expected? We’ll iron out any problems that we find during testing phase.

We’ll work with you to make sure your site is free from errors including spelling, usability, broken links and functionality issues.

Promotion & Marketing

Having your good website up and running is just the start.

We’ll help you let people know that your business is live by setting up various marketing campaigns.

Support & Evolution

Websites need to evolve with time and you need to concentrate on your business.

This is why we provide on-going support within your service level agreement (SLA). Typically we recommend a review of your site 3 months after its launch day and then every six months.

Do you have a price list for your web design services?

No. Unlike many web design agencies, we individualise each project to such a degree that it’s difficult to give a price before first discussing the project. Our prices range from £500 – £15,000 + vat.

How do you work out the cost of a project?

Generally we use the following factors to work out the cost of our projects:

  • Nature of your business and its requirements
  • Project scale in terms of time and difficulty
  • Delivery and timeline requirements
  • Static and dynamic functions & features
  • Type of support you need – both during development and after completion
  • Provision and type of content
  • Beneficial add-ons
I want to start my online business with full shopping capabilities. What would you consider as “decent” budget?

Again this depends on your individual business needs, but typically, in order for us to provide a high quality service you should budget around £5,000 + vat. This would allow us to to provide value-added services like branding (logo design, brochure, business cards, etc), basic marketing, copy writing and expert advice and consulting to help you start on solid grounds.

Do you only take UK customers?

Mostly yes, but we are open to discuss international project. This largely depends on where you live.

My knowledge of web design and internet is not that good. Can you still help me?
Yes, don’t worry. We’ll have a chat with you first to assess your technical skills to make you won’t have any difficulty understanding the process.

Who provides the content for my website?
It would be much easier if you already have any content, otherwise we can always help you.

Can I update my own website?
This depends on the type of website we design for you as well as your knowledge of web design. We can implement a Content Management System (CMS) so that you can update your site through a web browser. We can also offer you training to user your CMS or update your website for you as needed.

How do we communicate once the project starts?
Once the project starts, we will setup your account on our online members area to exchange messages and files. If needed you can reach us by phone or online chat.

What types of payment do you accept and how do I pay?
We accept payment by cheque, bank transfer, PayPal and credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express). For your convenience we can agree to take payments in convenient instalments according to your project milestone schedule.

Will you support my business after my website is completed?
Yes. Your success is very important to us. Depending on your contract we offer ongoing support options, including website updates, marketing and promotion services and consulting.

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