Updating my billing information

 October 19, 2014     0 Comments

Changing your billing information couldn't be easier! We currently accept all major forms of credit and debit cards, PayPal and Bank Transfer.

To change your billing billing information:

1. Log in to your account at www.ineek.com/members

2.When you're inside the members area, hover over the Billing tab, and from the drop down list select Edit payment method 

3.You should see a screen titled "Edit your payment method". From here you can change the details about any card, PayPal account or Bank Transfer that you have with ineek.

4. Select your desired Payment Type from the drop down menu.

5. The screen will update with more form fields depending on which payment type you selected in step 4. Fill in these fields with the details of your new payment method.

6. Press Update Payment Method. 

7.If all the form fields have been filled, and the details that you entered are correct, a message should appear in a green text box at the top of the page saying "Your payment method was updated successfully".

Note - If you have updated your debit or credit card information, a small box may appear saying "Awaiting Validation". This is completely normal. A member of our billings team is adding a further level of encryption to your card details before adding them to the system.

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