Managing your email accounts through cPanel

 May 26, 2015     0 Comments

This is a step by step tutorial on how to create a new email account for webmail - using cPanel. You can also manage your email accounts i.e. change your password, quota, and much more all through cPanel.

Step 1. Log onto cPanel. Scroll down to "Emails" and then click on "Accounts". 

Step 2. Here you will find an area that allows you to add in a new email account. Please make sure you use a strong password for this - or feel free to use the password generator (but be sure to make a note of the password).

Once this is done - click on "create account" in the button below.

Step 3. To check you have successfully added a new email account - below is a list that shows you all the other accounts available. The one you have just added should appear in that list. 

Step 4. Finally. To start using your new account - make sure you first sign out of cPanel. You can then log into webmail using the new email account you have created. 

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