Service suspension due to non-payment

 July 1, 2015     0 Comments

Please do not ignore your billing reminders

Because of the overheads and unnecessary costs involved in chasing recurring payments we have implemented automatic suspension of hosting accounts that have overdue invoices. 

Our system sends you least two email and one SMS when your payment method fails to clear your invoice. If you your invoice remain in unpaid status after 7 days of your invoice date the affected service will be suspended and all your hosting services including email will stop functioning without any notice and regardless of your account's history. Please note that while suspension of hosting accounts is automatic, re-activation of your services is manual and may take time. In case of repeated failed payments a re-activation charge of £39 + vat may apply.

We encourage you to set up additional email accounts with at least one email hosted outside of our network.

Thank you for your understanding and keeping up with your payments.

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