Fees, charges and pricing

February 13, 2018     0 comments

Our fees and billing policy is very simple: We charge for our time, brainpower and skills. Whenever you need any of these please expect to pay - we don't work for free.

Other notes:

  1. Unless you have an ongoing service agreement, please expect to be billed for any work including but not limited to: 

    Fixes, diagnosis of errors, issues with your website, access/password issues to your website backend system, advice, minor corrections, price update, any how-to, modification of your artefact, rendering your artwork in other formats, calling another professional on your behalf, reading your business plan, going through your marketing strategy and the list goes on.

    This is regardless of your previous order history, how much you have already paid for a service or how easy or small the job may seem to you. If we have previously done any work for you without a charge, please don't use it against us. We may choose to offer you a service free of charge and that's completely at our discretion.

  2. Our minimum administration fee for works of 1 to 30 minutes is £35; Hourly rates for our services start from £75. Prices exclude vat. Please see our hourly blocks for more pricing details.
  3. All our services are billable in advance.
  4. Web hosting support does not cover website maintenance or computer training.
  5. For security and efficiency reasons, all support enquiries must be initiated through your members area.

Thank you in advance

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