Setting up email access through Samsung

February 13, 2015     0 comments

1.Accessing domain through cpanel

  • To access your cpanel type yourdomainname followed by forward slash and then cpanel. For example (replace '' with your actual domain name hosted by ineek)

  • if you press the Email accounts icon on the Cpanel which will then lead you to a page that allows you to set up your email address and also enables you to change your password if your have forgotten it for the email address

  • Once your domain names check and your email password is also. Then you can proceed with the installation of the email to your phone 

2.Setup of email on Samsung

  • Once you are on your samsung if you go to setting then find the accounts tab then press 'Add Account'

  • Then next it will give you a list of options of accounts to add then press 'Email' 

  • This will next then proceed you to 'Set up email' where you enter your email address and password. 

  • Once done this will lead you to 'What type of account' Press IMAP account 

  • Now which leads you to Incoming server settings enter all of your details as usually make sure the IMAP server is set to and the port is 993.

  • Once that is done it will proceed you to outgoing sever setting where you do the exact same but this time change your port 465.

  • Once this is done you select your options of how you want if you wanted to be alerted about your messages and make sure you tick option of 'Sync Email'. 

  • Once this is all completed you will be able to email from your device 

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