Cannot access site, webmail, or cPanel

January 24, 2018     3 comments

** This article is for cases where you have been completely locked out of the server and nothing comes up when you check your site. If your account has been suspended due to overdue payment, please check the appropriate guide.

Before contacting us and reporting that you can't access your website or any other hosting services, please note that:

  1. Just because YOU cannot access your site, it's not necessarily mean that your website is down.
  2. We announce most downtimes on our website in the announcements section of your members area.

Now try the following:

  1. Use a different computer or mobile device to access your site making sure that you actually type your website's address in the address bar of a browser instead of searching for it (This is a very common mistake)
  2. Go to Google's translator and perform a translation of your website. This would help you see if your website is down. If your website comes up translated, then your website is up.

    Google Translator

If you have tried all the above and still cannot access cPanel, FTP, Webmail, email or your website chances are that our firewall has blocked your IP address due to several failed login attempts. This could be the result of you trying to access your website services with the wrong username and passwords or occasionally a device, including your phone, connected to your network failing to communicate with our mail server.

As long your IP matches with our server log, you don't usually need to worry about this as security issue.

To unblock your IP address please submit a support ticket by logging in to  your members area at so that we can capture your IP address. Alternatively you can find your IP address through . Your IP address looks something like

Once we have examined your IP address it'll be removed from our firewall and you should be able to access your services again normally.

Please note for security reasons we may refuse to deal with such enquiries by phone. Logging in to your members area is one step forward to stop malicious callers use social engineering tricks including shouting and threatening. 

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Josef Carpenters
May 24, 2018

Hi, i think my email: joiner@josefcarpenters, not work would you check please

iiimage e cigarettes
June 9, 2018

Hi Hooman
I cannot get access to my website, emails and cPanel, please assist.

iiimage e cigarettes
September 14, 2018

Hi Hooman, cannot get onto my email. Please help.